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Morgan Borg and Lasse Gustavson are both fantastic speakers who create inspiration and increased understanding about leadership and about what creates a winning culture that makes you increase your competitiveness.

Your event is unique. Let us make a presentation on corporate culture and leadership customized for your needs and with your audience in mind.

Concrete results…

  • Strengthening the company’s culture
  • Go from Idea to result
  • A common view of goals, process, and strategy
  • From intention to a doable plan

Morgan Borg

Morgan Borg web

Morgan Borg, M. Sc. author, speaker and change manager, has for many years been hired as a change manager in both Swedish and international companies. The goal of his work has in many cases been to establish a new culture in the company. A culture that helps people embrace the change and thereby be able to build value for themselves and in the companies where they work.

Morgan Borg has many years of experience of changes in important Swedish as well as International companies, such as Volvo Car Corporation, Pfizer Health AB, Michelin, and Electrolux. He also works internationally with the coaching of management teams and individuals in, among others, China, England, and Germany.

His first book “Den inre kompassens makt. En förändringsfilosofi” has become a great success and his next book, “Den kollektiva hjärnans kraft”, is soon to be published. During his presentations, he shares important factors for success that he has identified in order to succeed with changes and achieve synergy in the collaboration.

Morgan’s experience and belief are that we need to start from the leaders’ own values if we want a sustainable culture. That is because we make our decisions based on our personal values. Our values determine what we believe is right or wrong, possible or not possible. The companies that understand the impact and importance of taking care of the human aspects of the work, they are tomorrow’s winners. Because this is where the talented employees want to be, this is where the desire for quick changes takes place. This is where companies flourish because employees are allowed to develop and prosper together with the company. “If we do not develop, we stand still”. We need to realize a culture in which the real culture matches the desired culture. A culture that has human values as its signature. A culture where human values are seen as most important.

Lasse Gustavson

Lasse Gustavsson Web

As a coach, lecturer and educator, Lasse wants to create an inner experience with his students.

That’s where true development start.

Humans are unique individuals, as well as a significant co-creators in their own and other people’s lives.

Even though it doesn’t always feel that way…

Through his education, he wants to inspire a higher awareness of the mechanisms or principles that seem to be the basis for your co-creation.

Pedagogically, he uses theories and models, they create structures and understanding. But it is the living examples that generate touch, recognition, and trust.

Lasse’s intention is to awaken hope, power, and desire for personal development for the individual and sustainable leadership and group development for the organization.

Since we are all talented, but not equipped with a manual, life is, in a way, a journey of discovery. There is an inner compass, but it is all your choices, unconscious or conscious, that draw up the paths for your life.

Lecture and presentation arrangement

  • Keynote, 45 – 60 minute inspirational lecture for medium to large groups.
  • The workshop, 90 minutes to 4 hours of an interactive workshop with exercises and various tools.
  • Online / Webinar, Professionally created content adapted to a given target group
  • On-Site training, Ideal for management groups and teams who want to grow and create a platform for continuous development.

Common themes

  • Present leadership
  • Strengthening culture
  • Digital Culture
  • The new leadership
  • Feel amazed and dizzy and smile
  • Exceptional treatment
  • Your thoughts – Your opportunities
  • Sustainable teamwork about values, ethics and the joy of succeeding together.
  • Exploring Communication and Supporting Team spirit.
  • Perspective to everyday problems gives power and inspiration.
  • Psychological training, Mindfulness and Stress management.
  • Personal leadership, your responsibility, and your opportunities.
  • Creativity, a 7 step model of conscious innovation.
  • Spirituality, the greatness of being a fellow human.