We work with processes of change in almost everything we do, both on behalf of the customer and in our education programs.

We are all senior consultants with a great experience of working with processes of change and human development. We build strong company cultures and strong individuals who are able to handle the pressure of changes that all are obvious today.

We want to inspire and contribute to a strengthening culture that provides us with sustainable organizations. A culture that is based on present leadership that makes people want to stay and that is characterized by an ability for renewal and innovation.

The philosophy of the book “Den inre kompassens makt” and “Den kollektiva hjärnans kraft” permeates how we handle our assignments and carry out our tasks.

We place great emphasis on present leadership and also in being a role model for good leadership among our customers.

Project management

You can find experienced project managers who can help you manage, operate and staff your projects. Our work is based on established methods with an extensive quality focus, such as agile methods and Scrum.

Thanks to our great experience, we can offer expertise for project management in most industries.

We are used to leading projects throughout the process of change, from preliminary study to launch.

Change management

You can find experienced change managers who are used to playing a key role in organizations that want to succeed in realizing their strategies through extensive projects and business development.

Our change leaders focus on cultural and personal issues of the change with the aim of awakening people’s commitment and creating an understanding of changes in business processes as well as introducing new systems or reorganizations.

Interim Management

You can find experienced leaders with solid backgrounds from being managers at different levels in several different industries.

An interim consultant often contributes to new knowledge, extensive experience from other organizations, high energy levels, and a high work ethic.

An effort that not only solves a temporary need but also creates values that exist after the interim consultant has finished his work at the company.