Individual coaching for a sustainable change.

This is a true, one-on-one coaching program!

Coaching is not mentoring or therapy. Coaching is a methodology that includes issues, reflections, support and challenges. Coaching is not the place for problem solving (whether practical or psychological).

Coaching is for development!

Leadership means collaboration, and today, we need to work closer together, support each other and encourage each other in order to make the right decisions in real time.

We notice how the transformation of our working life goes faster, digitalization and automation changes and forces itself into our lives, in both positive and negative ways. Jobs disappear, new needs arise and new jobs are created.

Tasks at work that we have previously been unable to even imagine will quickly become part of our everyday lives. Startup companies find new areas to make more effective and use digitalization to solve the problems. We need to keep up so that we can take advantage of the benefits.

It is the insight and the will of management to a culture that strengthens the adaptability and creativity of people, that gives us the competitive advantages. The companies that are not involved in the changing process, can soon be gone.

Creativity and efficiency require a human organization that strengthens self-leadership. Self-leadership gets its power from a value-driven leadership that is in consensus with the organization’s values. Through our coaching program, we support you as a leader in the digital transformation. The starting point for our coaching is that there is a desire to make a cultural change. That change begins with myself, no matter what role or position in the organization I have.

The content of our individual coaching is based on 9 steps with different topics that are processed together with the student during the coaching. It is both a shorter lecture session and various techniques that aim to increase the self-awareness of the student. Together, we define the new leadership based on our own personality and develop leadership that is based on trust and action.


9 individual three hour-long coaching sessions, during a 6-8 month period.

Content for the individual coaching

  1. Trust (from insecure to confident).


  • Taking a look at the current personal life situation and needs for personal development coaching.
  • External and internal pressure on me as a leader.
  • Fears that hold back a committed and ongoing development work.
  • Basic relationship is needed in order to effectively work together.
  • How can my behavior and communication make my surroundings feel more secure?
  1. Self-awareness (from unaware to aware)


  • What am I defending myself from?
  • How are my behavior and my management style perceived by others?
  • How does my ideal image of myself look in relation to my real self?
  • How do I achieve trust from people around me in order to make the necessary changes?
  1. Values (from controlled by your own beliefs to value-driven)


  • My inner compass becomes my guide in an increasingly complex world.
  • My passive and active values.
  • What personal values do I have? How do they affect my way of treating other people, managing myself and others in change?
  • What “truths” do I have? And in what way do they control my life and my decisions at this point in time?
  • The brain’s reward and threat system.
  • A strengthening magnetic culture.
  1. Integrity (from free to boundary)


  • How can I resist the external and inner press at an ever accelerated pace? How do I become more immediate and value-driven in the interaction with others through my integrity?
  • With clear integrity about what is important to me, it becomes easier to act according to the organization’s goals, values, and integrity.
  • With clear integrity, my leadership also becomes more clear to others.
  1. Inner compass (from unclear to clear leadership)


  • Home assignment to define my own integrity and those of my values that should show the way for my behavior and my decisions.
  • Are my values the same as those of the company?
  • What conclusions can I draw from the one I want to be, how can I learn to live more consciously and follow my inner compass when it comes to important issues?
  1. Passion (from uncommitted to committed)


– We make a “passion” test, that shows what is important as well as what gives you the energy to do things. Do I act in the right way when at work? What is my life’s task and is it possible for me to combine it with my work’s purpose? Am I in the right place, is there something that I feel passionate about? Can I do more of what I am passionate about, at my work?

  1. Sustainable change (from influential to strengthening leadership)


  • What steps do I need to take to start the process for a strengthening culture based on collective leadership?
  • How do I get people to follow the change?
  • What motivates people to change?
  • How can I encourage others to find their passion in the work and work together to make it better for all?
  1. Authentic leadership (from boss to human)


  • From the latest research on the brain, we have gained new insights that changed the way look at how we need to interact with each other in order to be effective. Our threat response often gets in the way when the need for change arises. By becoming aware of what arouses our threat response, we can avoid mistakes in the change processes.
  • How do we trigger the reward system of our colleagues instead of triggering the threat system?
  1. Present leadership (from strategic leadership to present leadership)


  • How do we start a work process to succeed with a cultural change?
  • We have the courage to leave the strategic leadership in favor of present leadership.
  • A new modern management system is introduced, which is the basis for a strengthening culture.
  • The story of the company needs to be credible because it is the core of the company’s culture. Does this apply to your workplace?

Value for you as an individual:

By challenging yourself to take the ”Sustainable Change” coaching program, you give yourself the opportunity to concretize your inner compass and become clear on how you want to act as a leader and fellow human being.

Value for the company

Individual coaching that builds a strengthening culture gives us great competitive advantages in an increasingly uncertain time. Many coaching programs only aim to strengthen and give individual value. This program aims to strengthen the individual with a focus on adding value to the company through a sustainable change. Adding more commitment and personal responsibility in the organization.