We make bosses to humans and humans to leaders.

Sustainable change requires sustainable people.

In a sustainable culture, humans are the most important competitive assets for the company.

There are leaders with humanistic values that strengthen the competitiveness of the companies.

It draws people who want to develop.

Sustainable Change Management

World Class Culture.

What is world-class culture?

  • A world-class culture strengthens the organization’s ability to adapt to change through a human perception that expresses the greatness of people. It does not diminish them.
  • In such a culture we comply with laws and regulations, the company’s values ​​have a concrete impact and influence on our decisions. They are also in harmony with my personal values.
  • There is a dynamic way of thinking in a world class culture that means that; If we do not develop, we stagnate. A culture that gives me both a personal meaning and personal development. Because in such a culture the human values are ​​respected. This is where we find the creativity and willingness to change in humans. In this type of culture talents seek out oppertunities and remains in the company.
  • Culture is sustainable when I get involved and ccan contribute to build something bigger than myself as an individual and greater than the company’s value development. A culture that contributes to a world that is sustainable and that benefits humanity.


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Today, employees need to interact more with the customers and “and see themselves in the customer’s shoes”. They constantly need to be on alert to the customer’s needs. This means a paradigm shift in our way of cooperating at work. Digital companies are so much more than their digital products, service commitment, and customer relationships.… Read More

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what do our customers think?

What do former participants of the training think?

I’ve gained many insights. To be here and now, dare to be me. At the same time, I can see fields that still are a bit ”white”. That is, I have to get to know myself even more.

”Sustainable change management is up-to-date, it’s great. Provides security. This course is a tool for contemporary development.”

The dynamics and affection of the group gave me so much. The course structure with various exercises that together created each module was insightful

“Trust (belonging), conflict, openness, fears, passive values are very good building blocks”.

Tror detta är en del av framtidens ledarskapsprogram!Morgondagens framgångsrika ledare och organisationer måste få en ökad förståelse för ledarskapets kulturpåverkan i organisationen och hur man utför förändringsledarskap baserat på tillit och transparens.
Att ha fått insikt om min egna inre kompassen har gett mig verktyg till att bli en ännu bättre ledare.
Att lära om sig själv på en djupare nivå än många andra kurser, ger en möjlighet till självreflektion med koppling till en teori som är relativt lätt att ta till sig.
Jag kan verkligen rekommendera flera ledare och ledningsteam att gå denna utbildning individuellt eller tillsammans.

I found my inner compass, gained completely new insights that will help me in developing my leadership.

”Understand that everything comes back to myself. I can’t change without really believing in what I do. Values, integrity, etc. ”

open course - Sustainable Change Management - Gothenburg

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