Get more team spirit NOW!              Magnetic Culture – is the new world-class culture.

Sustainable change requires sustainable people.

In a sustainable culture, humans are the most important competitive assets for the company.

There are leaders with humanistic values that strengthen the competitiveness of the companies.

It draws people to the organization that wants to develop.

Sustainable Change Management

Avoid failing with the digital transition through a magnetic culture!

What is a magnetic culture?

The boss as a superman or superwoman does not fit in today. The manager can not handle the role of the problem solver, the conflict manager, or like a parent guide the organization’s employees in the right direction. It probably never worked that great, but today it is more obvious than before that it does not work at all. The digital revolution makes it impossible to keep that kind of leadership.

If you hold onto the idea of yourself as the “super boss” the risk is that others will perceive you as the significantly slower and weaker version of Clark Kent.

How do you manage the challenges of the digital revolution?

Challenges like:

  • Managing the consequences of far-reaching decentralization of decisions and powers, but at the same time ensures that deviations are avoided.
  • That self-organized teams become effective with a culture that strengthens the team’s efficiency?
  • A new approach in the teams that means that everyone must understand that they actually do not have a manager anymore.
  • That the management itself adjusts its way of working to the consequences of digitalization?


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what do our customers think?

What do former participants of the training think?

During the course, you get the opportunity to gradually increase your understanding of how and sometimes why you respond to changes, which I believe is a fundamental thing when it comes to understanding how other people respond to changes.

In this education, we worked a lot with us as individuals, what we bring with us and what we stand for when it comes to values and people’s vision. By raising awareness of your values and working with these you become a better leader – a leader who is founded in his values and is open with what he/she stands for. A transparent leader provides security and is someone who others want to follow.

I recommend this leadership training because it sees the whole person. In addition, the participants receive support in developing strategies that are needed in a constantly changing world.

The insights about myself and the course that has provided me with a new base for the future.

“Got to know my own value and dare to trust and believe in who I am and what I stand for.”

Many insights and very good and effective methods and tools that I will bring with me in my continued work.

“To find the inner compass, new ways of thinking that can lead to new ways of working”.

The dynamics and affection of the group gave me so much. The course structure with various exercises that together created each module was insightful

“Trust (belonging), conflict, openness, fears, passive values are very good building blocks”.

open course - Sustainable Change Management - Gothenburg

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